Multi-chip Integration of Lasers and Silicon Photonics

In the era of big data, internet of things and cloud computing, the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth density causes a bottleneck in inter and intra-datacenter communication systems. Optical integrated circuits based on the silicon-on-insulator platform is a well-known solution to overcome the bottleneck in data rate transmission. It is an interesting platform as it can be fabricated through existing CMOS technologies and the high index-contrast between core and cladding helps realize compact, and low loss structures. However, in silicon alone, the realization of on-chip, reliable, laser sources are not yet possible. By using various packaging hybrid methods, we integrate lasers made with other materials onto silicon photonics to realize on-chip light sources. We then characterize these chips in terms of coupling-loss and reliability. The company will benefit from the diversification of capability for laser-SiP attach and coupling.

Hatef Shiran
Faculty Supervisor: 
Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur
Partner University: