Multi-layer Fault-tolerant Drone Network Design for Survey Applications

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) or drones have numerous applications in different industries. Data-based agriculture is an emerging field that can widely benefit from the drone technology through accurate data collection via drones. However, drones have limitations like short flight time, limited flight range, and they are prone to failure. To mitigate these limitations, we propose using a cooperative group of drones. The resulting parallel operation increases the efficiency and reduces required flight time. To decrease the data analysis time, i.e., improving response time to the farmer, a multi-layer architecture for the swarm will be studied. In addition, the swarm will be designed with fault-tolerance capability using safety studies. That is to say, risk management protocols will be devised to prevent failure propagation throughout the system. This project is a critical step toward our business objective, which is providing data collection and analysis for precision farming in Canada.

Fatemeh Enayatollahi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Philip Ferguson
Partner University: