Multi-sensor navigation solution with quality assessment and monitoring for real-time tracking of unmanned aerial vehicles beyond visual line of sight

This research project aims at developing an integrated navigation system that combines many technologies to enhance the positioning and tracking capabilities of the system. The navigation system to be developed is for use with UAV systems that require high precision and reliable navigation systems to provide continuous location information to the operator when the UAV is operated remotely or autonomous. For the navigation system to be reliable, integrity of each subsystem and the integrity of the full system developed has to be monitored to verify the trust in the solution provided and raise concerns when needed for human control interrupts. These capabilities are a must to avoid air collisions and/or crash landing of the drones, and are a requirement by many organizations that provide the standards for flight navigation accuracy and precision.

Maan Khedr
Faculty Supervisor: 
Naser El-Sheimy
Partner University: