Multiphysics Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices, Circuits and Systems

Traditionally, the microchips that power our communications technology use electrical signals to compute, transfer, and store information. Silicon photonics (SiP) is an emerging field, where structures fabricated on those same microchips replace electrical signals with optical ones, enabling exciting new applications such as optical and wireless communications, bio/environment-sensing, and computing. These new optical microchips are known as photonic integrated circuits (PICs).
Design of modern PIC components and systems relies on a multi-scale and multi-physics approach to modeling and simulation that accurately and efficiently predicts performance. This project aims to extend the simulation

Jiaxin Ke
Parya Samadian
Jaspreet Jhoja
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lukas Chrostowski
Guangrui Xia
British Columbia
Partner University: