Multisensor Integration for UAV Indoor Navigation and Mapping

UAVs are becoming essential solutions in a wide range of industries. In this market growth, the potential of UAVs to fly in indoor environments represents a massive opportunity for companies. In particular, for applications such as medical care, search and rescue operations, and industrial management and inspections. The main concern of UAVs flying indoors is damage to people and vital infrastructure on the ground. To address this concern, UAVs must be able to self-navigate at all times, which is the first objective of this project, and automatically detect people and objects. In addition, self-learning, situational understanding, and smart avoidance are among the priorities of this project. SOTI is initially investing $20 million (USD) to fund this project and started collaborations with several universities, such as Toronto Metropolitan University and the University of Zurich. This project will help the SOTI extend its expertise in multisensor integration for navigation and thus more quickly achieve the objectives of its overall investment more quickly.

Ahmed Elamin
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ahmed El-Rabbany