National Data Benchmarking – Smart Energy

Canadian energy systems lack an industry specific set of standards to support the development of policy options and plans for clean energy transition and decarbonization of electric power systems. These include inter-organization standards for data, information, insights and metrics on electricity regulatory systems, utility operational capabilities, technology architecture and human resources. The objective of this project is for the intern will work with industry, government, utility and academic partners to build and maintain a regionally populated, nationally-integrated benchmarking system which meets the sector’s needs. The sectoral needs are: to understand Canada’s readiness to transition and increase nation-wide decarbonization; to improve utility return on assets and Canadian productivity; and to increase industry innovation. The research will be performed in collaboration with the SGIN. The work will be primarily qualitative using semi-structured interviews supported by primary and second documentation gathered by the intern from public as well as industrial so

Maha Tantawy
Faculty Supervisor: 
David Foord
New Brunswick
Partner University: