National Smart Vehicle Demonstration and Integration Project

This Mitacs research project will help develop a data collection strategy by identifying key variables such as the kinds of data sets and frequency of collection required. In addition, this Mitacs project will help determine what types of databases are required for data storage and which analytical procedures should be used on the data sets. Data collection and data management strategies must be established in order to standardize the collected data sets for comparable analytics which will inform cities for future deployments.

OSPE advocates to all levels of government on policies and regulations related to engineering. OSPE will benefit from the research as findings are anticipated to be pertinent in developing policy recommendations to present to government. OSPE is currently developing an ‘App’ to encourage engineering students and recent graduates to seek careers in smart mobility industries. The Mitacs research will provide OSPE members, especially students, with exciting examples of how important technology is in new economy industries.

Farah Samouh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Bilal Farooq
Partner University: