Natural Asset Management Knowledge Mobilization: A Competency Framework and Professional Norms

Local governments are recognizing the importance of understanding and managing both natural assets and engineered assets to mitigate and adapt to climate change, and to provide essential services. While municipalities increasingly need expert advice to help manage natural infrastructure, natural asset management (NAM) is not yet a broadly-based professional practice in Canada. This research aims to mobilize knowledge to inform the competencies required to manage natural assets. Research participation by asset management experts and stakeholders will help to better understand the complex interplay between NAM and functional standards in asset management policy, professional norms in practice, and capacity building in training. The project partner, Municipal Natural Asset Initiative (MNAI), will use the research outcomes to guide capacity building and to integrate NAM practice into traditional asset management by framing NAM competencies to align with existing professional advice and norms.

Liese Coulter
Faculty Supervisor: 
Robin Cox
British Columbia