Net Zero Energy Design Trade-offs and Excel Tool for Assessing Net Zero Potential for Multiunit Residential Buildings (MURBs)

Net zero energy building produces as much energy as it consumes, and it has a great potential for energy and carbon reductions. This research will study the design of net zero energy multiunit residential buildings (MURBs), as well as to create a simple Excel tool as an alternative to EnergyPlus for quick assessment. In the previous research, an EnergyPlus model for a real MURB was created and calibrated and strategy for this building to undergo dramatic energy reduction was studied. This project will continue to quantify the trade-offs involved in the design and then create the Excel tool. The partner organizations are among the leaders in pushing the residential development industry to higher energy performance standards. This project will provide comprehensive information relevant to the design of net zero condominiums. TO BE CONT'D

Li Lika Miao
Faculty Supervisor: 
Danny Harvey
Partner University: