Network anomaly detection of Building Automation Systems

This project aims to monitor the communications among the devices connected in a building automation system. It is important to detect any changes in the normal communication pattern of the devices. Such changes often signify a change of operational behavior, caused either by a failure or an impending breakdown. In the worst-case scenario, anomalies deviated from normal communication pattern may indicate the system is under a cyberattack, which would have serious consequences to the people inside and the building itself. Therefore, it is necessary to develop software system to detect such anomalies and to alert the appropriate personnel. The partner organization is a building automation system technology company, with international installations all over the world in public places and commercial buildings. By participating in the anomaly identification project, the partner organization may be able to leverage the research result and improve their product features, and establish their leading role in the industry nationally and internationally.

Linlin Zhang;Marina Ibrishimova
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kin Fun Li
British Columbia
Partner University: