Network Virtualization and Slicing in 5G Mobile Networks

Unlike services provided by current mobile networks only focus on voice and data, the services provided by 5G networks can range from high data rate services (e.g., VR) to ultra-reliable low latency communication (e.g., vehicle communication). Therefore, a more flexible and effective 5G mobile network is expected to be designed and operated. Network virtualization and slicing has been proposed to address these challenges to enable a new way to design, deploy and manage networking services. Can we implement network virtualization and slicing into 5G networks directly? Unfortunately, the answer is not straightforward. This project aims to develop necessary changes and innovations on the 5G network architecture so that new features of network virtualization and slicing can benefit 5G. Moreover, the industrial company can be beneficial from this internship on the integration of academic research and practical industrial implementation.

Chengchao Liang
Faculty Supervisor: 
Fei Yu
Partner University: