Neuropsychological Predictors of Relapse in Substance Use Disorder: A Call for a Remote Standardized Test Battery

We will review the literature and determine which cognitive tests best quantify executive function in individuals with varying substances of use. We will then empirically validate the aforementioned tests using a remote platform, ensuring these tests can be administered remotely (online), without compromising the validity of the test. We will then administer these cognitive tests to incoming patients at baseline, after completion of the program, and one year after completion. We will then use statistical analyses to determine what characteristics can serve as predictors for sustained remission, and conversely, what may serve as a predictor for relapse. Given this, we can provide cognitive training to individuals thereby increasing likelihood of sustained remission. This also notifies clinicians and counsellors that an individual may require increased after care, follow-up, and case management.

Tyler Brown
Faculty Supervisor: 
Konstantine Zakzanis
Partner University: