New Catalysts and Chemical Processes for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Synthetic chemistry is used to assemble the small organic molecules that comprise many of the important consumer products used by society every day. Such fine chemicals are used to assemble drugs, agrochemicals, electronics, materials, dyes, etc.. Metal catalysts are part of the arsenal that the synthetic chemist uses to make such prized small molecules and Total Synthesis Ltd. (TSL), the sponsor of this research, is a globally recognized leader in catalyst invention and sales. The interns on this project will work in the company lab to develop methods to prepare palladium-based catalysts at various scales and to evaluate these catalysts in new chemical transformations being invented in the academic lab. TO BE CONT'D

Nicholas Andrella;Nalin Chandrasoma;Uttam Kumar Das;Mathieu Morin
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jeffrey Manthorpe
Partner University: