New electrolyte design for Li-ion batteries based on metal-based anodes

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), as a promising method for energy storage, have been widely used in our daily lives, and the boosting development of electric vehicles and electronic devices requires LIBs with a higher operation voltage. However, their safety problems are always a threat because of the unstable Li salt and flammable organic solvents in the commercialized electrolytes. In this research project, new electrolytes will be designed and optimized by introducing new Li salts and non-flammable solvents, and investigations on the electrolytes will be made to further improve the high-voltage performance of LIBs. This research will benefit the industrial partner in the development and commercialization of the safe and high-performance next-generation electrolytes.

Jiankuan Li
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jillian Buriak
Partner University: