Next Generation User Product Documentation

Product documentation is an important information tool connecting any business to its end-users and customers. Comprehensive product documentation will likely result in positive evaluation of the products by the customers and may influence their future purchasing decisions. Many studies show product documentation remains an essential element of any new product even for modern electronic devices used for information and communication technologies. Paradoxically, comprehensiveness of product documentation may increase its complexity, rendering it unusable for the customers partly due to information overload. Survey results showed the major challenges in developing valuable product documentation to be: customer demands for concise customized information, product complexity requiring large volume of information, shortened documentation lifecycle due to technological advancements, and reduced budgets to produce sophisticated documentation. This project will examine existing documentation, explore alternative means of delivering product information to the end-users in order to deliver an exceptional user experience and improve ease of use.

Peymon Montazeri
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kimiz Dalkir
Partner University: