Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring after Spinal Cord Injury

This project is a collaboration between the Phillips Lab at the University of Calgary and Vena Vitals, Inc. to use a non-invasive blood pressure measurement patch in the context of restoring autonomic function after spinal cord injury. Following an injury to the upper areas of the spinal cord, patients lose the ability to regulate important functions in the body, such as the regulation of blood pressure, which may lead to some serious side effects. Recently, the Phillips Lab has demonstrated that it is possible to increase blood pressure following drops by stimulating a specific portion of the spinal cord. This requires a constant monitoring of blood pressure, which opens avenues for non-invasive measurement devices. This collaboration will assess the accuracy and efficacy of the patch compared to conventional blood pressure measuring devices in hopes of improving clinical care for patients with spinal cord injury.

Julien Rimok
Faculty Supervisor: 
Aaron Alexander Phillips
Partner University: