A Novel Design of High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducers, Manufacturing, and Testing

The project objective is to design and manufacture ultrasonic sensors capable of operating at temperatures up to 800 oC. Such transducers can be affixed to hot piping systems and pressure vessels in petrochemical plants, electrical power generating stations, and manufacturing plants. These sensors can then provide continuous information to the plant operator regarding the onset of cracks or corrosion in the pipe wall. In addition information related to fluids flowing in the pipe can also be gathered, such as flow rate, fluid temperature, turbulence. Our industrial partner Advanced Measurement and Analysis Group provides fluid-flow measurement instrumentation and consulting services to the electrical power generating industry and would like to extend its service into the petrochemical field. A key component holding such industrial expansion is the unavailability of affordable, reliable ultrasonic sensors that can operate at the high temperatures needed for on-line instrumentation in these plants. This project directly assesses that critical area.

Mohammad Hossein Amini
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Anthony Sinclair
Project Year: