Novel Graphene Systems for Battery Anodes Design and Thermal Management Systems in Electric Vehicles (EVs)

This proposed research utilizes novel graphene materials using Universal Matter’s “Flash Joule Heating” process in applications supporting the Electric Vehicle (EV) market. These graphene materials have disoriented stacking of its graphene layers, which helps incorporate metal ions and dopants into the graphene matrix, thereby creating exciting new opportunities across many electrical applications. The current research will investigate the efficacy of two new types of graphene materials for use in battery anode and thermal management system applications. We propose to use these state-of-the-art graphene materials to improve the performance of the battery anode by simultaneously increasing the capacity and cycle life of the battery cell. This research project will also investigate the design and development of high thermally conductive graphene composites for EV battery pack applications.

Sung Hwa Hong
Faculty Supervisor: 
Hani Naguib
Partner University: