Novel Microwave Isolator

A microwave Isolator is a two-port device that acts as a unidirectional trap, protecting sensitive components in a system from signal reflection. It is analogous to the diode in a DC circuit or the check valve in a fluid-flow system. Isolators are commonplace in power amplifier, radar, antenna, and transceiver systems, making them essential in laboratory, commercial, military, and even space applications. Commercial isolators are offered as discrete devices in shield metal cans with limited isolation (10-25 dB, the larger, the better protection). Considering the bulk may be incompatible with today's miniature products, we have proposed novel isolator prototypes based on the fundamentally different nonreciprocal scheme, which offers significantly higher isolation along with the compact size and cost-effectiveness. We plan to (USE WHAT METHODOLOGY) to optimize other performance characteristics (bandwidth, for instance) that make the prototype genuinely competitive with the current commercial devices available on the market.

Mun Kim
Faculty Supervisor: 
Can-Ming Hu
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