A Novel Radiofrequency Treatment for Emphysema in Pig Model

A common condition that contributes to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is emphysema, which involves damage to the walls of air sacs in the lung. There are very limited safe and non-invasive options available, therefore IKOMED Technologies Inc. has been developing an application using radiofrequency wave technology that has shown the potential to non-surgically improve disease burden. The initial study was performed in the rodent model of emphysema with Dr. Don Sin, and study in larger animals is important for translation to clinical use. The intern will work within a multi-disciplinary team to develop a model of emphysema in pigs, and then evaluate the safety of exposure to energy from radiofrequency waves, and its effectiveness in the treatment of emphysema. IKOMED Technologies Inc. is the sponsor of this work and will be acknowledged in potential publications. The data collected may be used for future patenting of this new treatment technology.

Yuki Tajima
Faculty Supervisor: 
Don Sin
British Columbia
Partner University: