Numerical and Empirical Investigations of Hot Embossing for Scalable Hot Embossing of Customized Microfludiic Devices

Microfluidic devices (MFDs) are microchips for handling liquids in channels smaller than the width of a human hair allowing reduced consumption of reagents and integration with biosensors. The microfluidics market for biodiagnostics and pharmaceuticals was valued at $1.59 billion igrowing (Markets and Markets, 2013) . Traditional methods of manufacturing MFDs are too slow and costly to meet the demands of a growing market. A need for rapid prototyping and scalable production is indicated. The partner organization, FlowJEM Inc, have developed a method to reduce tooling costs and time for hot embossing (HE) microfluidic devices in commodity materials, but production capacity of current HE technology is limited. FlowJEM’s current processes will be analyzed to uncover process improvements that augment production capacity. Implementation will be piloted where product quality will be monitored on the micro-scale. The output allows FlowJEM to scale production to meet the requirements of growing customers.

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Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Eugenia Kumacheva
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