Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of a Large Scale Industrial Biochar plant

Slow pyrolysis is a process to convert biomass residues to valuable biochar products, which are used in agricultural, wastewater treatment, animal feed, carbon sequestration etc. IRSI focused on identifying optimal pathways for converting biomass into high quality biochar with maximum energy efficiency and minimal environmental degradation. This project focusses on modelling and simulation of a large-scale biochar reactor in order to enhance the efficiency of pyrolysis processes and increase the reliability of biochar products for the global market place. This project will involve collaboration with Prof. Nikrityuk (University of Alberta) and will utilize his world-class experience in modeling and simulation of complex thermochemical biomass conversion.

Hassan Khodaei Jalalabadi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Petr Nikrityuk
Partner University: