Nutrient removal using a solid state glass adsorbent for treating agricultural waste, waters, and public effluents

Agricultural waste and public effluents often contain elevated levels of phosphorous and nitrogen that limit its ability to be directly repurposed as crop fertilizer or irrigation spray. Removal of soluble nutrients from waste water is difficult. Current treatment options have high investment costs and are often not well suited for smaller farm sizes common in Canada. This research intends to characterize the utility of a solid state absorbent material engineered by NPower Clean Tech Corporation that shows promise for removing anionic forms of phosphorous and nitrogen. If the product economically recovers these nutrients, then this research may directly benefit Canadian farmers, public sewer utilities, and waste generating industries by offering an additional means of controlling their waste stream profiles.

Charles Bradshaw
Faculty Supervisor: 
Hossein Kazemian
British Columbia
Partner University: