Nutrition and management strategies to improve Canadian pork production

The Canadian swine industry must adapt to current and emerging challenges to remain competitive. In general, the industry is focused on improving efficiencies and reducing costs of production. However, the industry also faces many concerns regarding environmental sustainability and societal acceptance of production that need to be continually addressed. Feed represents approximately 70% of the cost of production and plays a critical role in maintaining animal health and performance and in reducing the environmental impact of pork production. The main research projects included in this proposed program aim to identify nutrition and management strategies to improve competitiveness of Canadian pork producers.

Cara Cargo-Fromm
Michael Bosompem
Lucas Rodrigues
Agbee Kpogo
Dakota Wightman
Jismol Jose
Faculty Supervisor: 
Denise Beaulieu
Andrew Van Kessel
Anna Kate Shoveller
Partner University: