Observation-based evaluation of cold-region land surface simulations under climate change

Canada depends on seasonal snowfalls for much of its freshwater supply, and climate change is expected to have a major impact on the quantity, and quality, of available freshwater. However, the models that scientists use to make
future projections of water availability are not perfect, which creates uncertainty in the exact future scenario that will unfold over the next 80-100 years. A major new project called Canada1Water brings together atmospheric, hydrologic and cryospheric scientists from academia, government and private industry to improve models and make better projections of future changes to water availability across Canada. The Mitacs-funded research will assemble and assess a new set of climate data products that will be used to test the accuracy of the atmospheric and landsurface models being used to make the future projections. The interns will calculate adjustments---known as bias corrections??to ensure that the projections are as reliable as possible.

Tyler Herrington;Fraser King
Faculty Supervisor: 
Christopher Fletcher
Partner University: