Oil and lipid improvements in field pea to develop a non-traditional oilseedcrop

It has been noted in recent studies that provided an increase in the lipid content of the field pea (Pisum Sativum L.) through genetic manipulation, it can be used as a viable commercial alternative to conventional oilseed crops, which include canola and soybean. Genetic transformants with high lipid content can be created in the McGill University laboratories but its commercial viability needs to be tested with an industry partner. For this purpose, this research proposal aims to accelerate the commercial deployment of an oilseed pea through industrial field-testing with Agrocentre Belcan to identify natural variations created by genetic modifications and creating a business model that will lead to a profitable commercial venture for the company, if it were to act as a commercial vendor for the oilseed pea.

Philip Ossowski
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mark Lefsrud
Partner University: