OLabERATE: OLab Education Research Analytics Toolset Expansion

Virtual scenarios, which are similar to choose-your-own-adventure stories, in online format, are a powerful way to assess how well a young professional can make decisions and solve problems. This is different from most learning software that tests how well they remember factoids and tidbits. OLab is a tool for playing and creating virtual scenarios. It tracks everything that the learner does: what they do, how long they take to decide etc. Teachers can write strong stories but the process has been time consuming and frustrating. This research will allow OLab to make it easier for teachers to write good stories that test the thinking of young professionals. They make writing more efficient by giving them access to building blocks that can be shared. They make it easier for teachers to see which students really use the cases and how to improve them. Additionally, it has been difficult to study the complex processes of decision-making. This project plans to make the analysis of the more complex aspects of such problem-solving easier to do. Better infographics and displays of this complex data will make it easier to understand.

Ismail El Hardoum;Mahdi Hosseini
Faculty Supervisor: 
Nisha Radhamoni;Nigel Shrive
Partner University: