Ongoing Development of Energy-Economy Climate Policy Models

The overall objective for this project is to support the research of two master’s students who would help advance the methods for modelling energy-climate policies, a field in which EMRG in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at SFU is one of the leading research units in the country and in which Navius Research Incorporated is the leading Canadian consulting firm, providing support to governments and other stakeholders in the development and assessment of energy and climate policy. One sub-project focuses on exploring applications of the gTech macro-economic model to climate-energy policy analysis, including an effective assessment of the uncertainty on the results. The other sub-project focuses on improving the integration of micro-economic analysis on technology and building choices with urban form and infrastructure policies related to buildings neighborhoods (density, nodes, land-uses), energy infrastructure (district heat) and mobility infrastructure (transit, bike lanes). This is achieved by linking a geographic information systems model, which assesses land-use, with a technology choice model, which assesses choices such as building size, insulation and energy form, transport mode choice, and vehicle fuel type choice.

Franziska Förg
Aaron Hoyle
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mark Jaccard
Project Year: 
British Columbia