Optical Tracking of Log Rotation with Bulk Motion and Skewing

This project will focus on using cameras to measure the rotation angle of a wood log in a sawmill production line. This work will involve updating a cart to move and rotate a wood log, setting up a camera to see the full path of the wood log, and writing a computer code to find a feature on the log face and track the feature as the log rotates. The set-up will be tested and validated at the partner’s pilot line. Once this project functions properly, it will be used as part of a larger project currently being carried out by the partner. The larger project will use the information about log rotation as part of a CT scanning system that will find internal features such as knots and cracks in logs. This scanning will allow sawmills to plan out how they will cut up a log to have the least waste and lost money possible.

Michael Ilan Rotenberg
Faculty Supervisor: 
Gary Schajer
British Columbia
Partner University: