Optimization of Actiflo system for Portage La Prairie water treatment plant

Water treatment plants in Manitoba use surface water with high organic content as their source of water supply. Organic carbon reacts with disinfecting chlorine forming potentially carcinogenic disinfection byproducts. Portage la Prairie water treatment plant is an example of typical Manitoba lime/soda water treatment plants facing the challenge of removal of organic carbon. Coagulation and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) are used in this plant for removal of Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC).

Our previous studies showed that DOC cannot be efficiently removed by these two processes.

In this research we propose to study removal of DOC at the Portage la Prairie water treatment plant. Another goal of this research is to optimize the removal of DOC in the laboratory study by applying different coagulants and ozonation.

Mehrnaz Sadrnourmohamadi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Beata Gorczyca