Optimization and development of a drug screening assay using Neurescence’s ChromatoneTM Technology

The mammalian brain constitutes different neuronal cell-types that form local and long-range connections to constitute brain circuits. To remove the technological barrier to enable neuroscientists to gain knowledge on behavior-related dynamic changes of the brain and understand the interaction of complex neuronal circuits, we aim to develop a novel imaging system. It enables simultaneous monitoring and stimulating subpopulations of neurons in multiple brain areas in behaving subjects. Stimulating and imaging the activities of local and long-range neuronal circuits in multiple deep brain regions in relation to an experimental parameter enables mapping the brain function in a level that is not possible with currently existing technologies. Furthermore, Rational repurposing of approved or investigational drugs use has become an attractive strategy in the pharmaceutical industry, esp. in cases where shared mechanisms drive disease etiology. We propose an ML based repurposing assay that utilizes high-density phenotypic brain imaging data to predict drug repositionin

Azadeh Sabetghadam
Faculty Supervisor: 
Peter Carlen
Partner University: