Optimization and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) translation of GLIDE (Guided Lymphocyte Immunopeptide Derived Expansion) manufacturing process

Leukemia, lymphoma and other forms of blood cancers are still largely diagnosed every year in Canada. These diseases constitute the second leading cause of cancer related death in young adults and the sixth in adult. The five-year survival rates still range between 42% and 85%. Currently, the main treatment is a stem cell transplantation which unfortunately do not prevent lethal relapse. The goal of this study is to develop and improve a novel cellular therapy aiming to limit and prevent relapse of hematological malignancies. We propose to “educate” ex vivo donor white blood cells against specific tumor patient’s antigens. In this context, if a cancer relapse occurs, these donor specific white blood cells will efficiently eliminate tumor cells without affecting any other patient’s cells. This very novel cellular immunotherapy will strongly improve the survival rate of patients treated with stem cell transplantation.

Faculty Supervisor: 
Vibhuti Dave