Optimization of a calibration procedure for Mecademic’s Meca500 robot arm

Mecademic manufactures the smallest and most precise six-axis robot arm. The repeatability of this robot is better than 0.005 mm, but like any industrial robot, the robot’s accuracy is far worse. The only practical way of improving the robot’s accuracy is to calibrate each individual robot. While various methods for the calibration of six-axis robot arms have already been developed in the past, the proposed research project is different since the robot will be installed directly on the CMM and the full pose (position and orientation) will be measured by touch probing the datum cube attached to the robot’s flange. Moreover, since the applicant will have full access to all physical characteristics of the robot, an attempt will be made to develop a simpler mathematical model, so that the model can be used in real time.

Oleksandr Stepanenko
Faculty Supervisor: 
Souheil-Antoine Tahan
Project Year: