Optimization of pressing/ drying conditions and solid content of Maple kraft pulp for the production of paper tissue products

Irving Pulp and Paper is part of J. D. Irving and a leading market pulp producer located in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. A significant portion of its product is Maple kraft pulp, which is sent to Irving Tissue, which produces premium tissue products for its customers throughout North America. The softness of tissue paper is critical property can be affected by the fiber hornification during pressing and drying processes. This project will optimize the pressing/drying operation in the market pulp manufacturing process so that the resulting pulp can possess optimum properties for the production of high-quality tissue products. The intern is expected to gain practical experience related to the kraft pulp processes and their manufacturing conditions related to the tissue paper production.

Yishan Liu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Yonghao Ni
New Brunswick
Partner University: