Optimization of the synthesis and processing of novel ketone functionalized polydicyclopentadiene polymers

Polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) is a tough, heavily crosslinked thermoset polymer. An extensive network of crosslinks gives PDCPD a very high impact resistance, good resistance to chemical corrosion, and a high heat deflection temperature. University of Victoria (UVic) recently achieved the creation of the first functionalized polydicyclopentadiene (f-PDCPD) that does not give up the robust thermal stability that makes PDCPD so useful. Poly V Technology has been launched to translate this novel functionalized polymer to a commercial setting. Efficient scale-up processes are critical for commercialization and will be the focus of this proposal along with mechanical and flammability testing of the products.

Miranda Baran
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jeremy Wulff
British Columbia
Partner University: