Optimized DAP Placement and WiMAX Planning for Smart Grid

Smart grid aims at improving the power grid performance, security and reliability through monitoring, controlling and protecting the grid dynamically. As communication infrastructure and technologies provide two-way data communication between grid endpoints, they are the key enablers for smart grid realization. WiMAX and 802.15.4g is among the dominant considered communication technologies for smart grid implementation. During this PhD internship, we intend to enhance and optimize these communication technologies and also provide a cost-efficient architecture towards the requirements of smart grid applications. New methods and algorithms are devised in order to adapt the communication technology with the smart grid system profile specifications. Powertech Labs Inc. is a BC Hydro subsidiary which provides clean energy and engineering consultation towards optimizing power systems and providing smart grid solutions. This project provides the partner with guidelines on optimized network planning based on the above-mentioned communication technologies. Our analysis and simulations help Powertech Labs Inc. to have a better understanding of the network before the actual implementation. It also enables Powertech Labs Inc. to introduce new services to customers and to facilitate new demand-side management and energy efficiency programs involving a higher degree of customer participation.

Fariba Aalamifar
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Lutz Lampe
Project Year: 
British Columbia