Optimized lighting and defoliation strategies to increase yield and chemical uniformity in Cannabis sativa

Cannabinoid uniformity plays an important role on the quality and marketability of cannabis. Several strategies to optimize cannabinoid uniformity have not been extensively researched to date. The objective of this study is to evaluate lighting and defoliation strategies to maximize yield and uniformity of cannabinoids throughout cannabis plants. A randomized block design will be used to separate treatments. Each table will contain four lighting treatments which include HPS overhead, LED overhead, HPS with LED interlight and LED with LED interlight treatments. Two tables will be used per room with varying defoliation techniques. Aggressive defoliation and minimal defoliation techniques will be compared. The experiment will be replicated with a treatment randomization for a second cycle. This study will benefit the partner organization by determining which lighting and defoliation strategies increase efficiency in their production facility.

Justin Bohemen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mark Lefsrud
Partner University: