Optimizing the delivery of ministring DNA (msDNA) to the central nervous system for use in gene therapy applications

Gene therapy has risen as one of the more promising treatment options for neurological disorders. Using modified viruses to deliver genetic material has shown success however has several disadvantages including increased safety risks. Using a non-viral vector system has the potential to overcome many of the challenges that arise with using viral vectors. Mediphage Bioceuticals proprietary DNA construct, ministring DNA (msDNA) is a non-viral system that has the potential to be a safer and equally effective method of DNA delivery. This project will focus on optimizing the delivery of msDNA vectors to the brains of mouse models and will provide the necessary foundation to move forward with developing therapeutics for specific neurological disorders using msDNA technology.

Robyn Binsfeld
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jagdeep Walia
Partner University: