Optimizing the Digital Conveyancing Software

Specialized legal technology aims to improve productivity by speeding up routine tasks. Unfortunately, current legal software suffers from unstable performance, steep learning curves, and a lack of user-friendliness. Innobridge challenges these issues with Smart Estate, a no-frills but smart application for legal conveyancing. This is the processing of property transactions, which requires the completion of many forms. Smart Estate automates these forms and communications, saving time and efforts for lawyers, while keeping costs low. Innobridge’s goal is to work closely with lawyers and researchers to realize this “digital conveyancer” concept. The research team will carefully learn the entire conveyancing process. By finding hidden opportunities to enhance the workflow, researchers will help Innobridge to advance the digital conveyancer software. Successful development of this project will drive Innobridge to the frontier of legal technology innovation in Canada.

Lynshao Celina Ma;Reet Ghosh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mea Wang
Partner University: