Optimizing Exploration Success at the Iska Iska Polymetallic Project

Mining employs ~400,000 Canadians and generates billions of dollars for the Canadian economy. Western University and Eloro Resources Ltd. recognize that innovation is central to responsible resource exploration and extraction. Canada is a world leader in mineral exploration and mining technology, but discovery of new mineral resources has declined, despite increasing exploration expenditures. Mineral exploration needs to be improved through development of new methodologies and approaches to efficiently and effectively explore at broad scales and at depth while implementing advanced exploration and resource development practices informed by science and enabled by technology. We will use a novel integrated approach to assessing ore deposit characteristic signatures on Eloro Resources Ltd. property. The project will culminate in the development of an innovative tool for predictive ore discovery and train the next generation of geological explorers through a hands-on collaborative learning environment, ready to take jobs in Canadian exploration companies and build on their experience in industry.

Zohreh Ghorbani;Camila Aliaga
Faculty Supervisor: 
Neil Banerjee
Partner University: