Optimizing hockey equipment to enhance comfort and performance

The fit and design of sporting equipment influences an athlete’s comfort, performance, and risk of injury. However, individual differences in an athlete’s body morphology can affect how well a piece of sporting equipment satisfies the athlete’s needs. Further, in sports such as hockey that require athletes to execute a diverse set of movements, it can be challenging to optimize equipment design to serve such a variety of functions. In collaboration with CCM Hockey, we plan to optimize skate fit by developing algorithms that utilize an individual’s foot shape. Further, we plan to inform future protective equipment designs by gaining a deep understanding of how equipment restricts a player’s range of motion during advanced maneuvers. Improving how CCM’s hockey gear aligns with an individual athlete’s body shape, skating style, and motion can enhance the athlete’s comfort and performance on the ice while also reducing the risk of injury.

Emily Matijevich;Eric C Honert
Faculty Supervisor: 
Benno Nigg
Partner University: