Oxygen saturation targets in hospitalized children with bronchiolitis: A multi-centre cohort study

Bronchiolitis is one of the most common causes of infant hospitalization and the costs associated with it are large. Since active treatments are mostly ineffective for bronchiolitis, supportive management (including oxygen saturation monitoring) is the main focus of inpatient management. However, ideal oxygen saturation targets for
infants hospitalized with bronchiolitis have not been established. This research study will aim to compare two oxygen target saturations of 90% while awake and asleep vs. 90% while awake and 88% while asleep. These two targets will be assessed based on relevant and important clinical outcomes such as length of hospital stay. The
results of this research project are expected to directly inform clinical care by influencing management of hospitalized children with bronchiolitis, improving both the health of patients and reducing costs associated with bronchiolitis.

James Im
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jennifer Brooks
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