Partial Discharge Propagation Model for Power Transformer Winding

Transformers are one of the key elements in electric power systems whose health ensures reliable, stable electric power for the economy and society. Partial discharge (PD) is known to be a symptom of defects in electrical insulation systems, such as those employed in transformers. Detection and localization of PD in transformers are critical to develop a mitigation strategy. The main objective of the proposed research is to develop an artificial intelligence model that is able to predict the location of PD in transformers. The industrial partner of this research is PTI Transformers, a world-class transformer manufacturer. The outcome of this research will enable a novel, inexpensive diagnosis method for transformers to prevent catastrophic failures.

Barzan Tabei;Hamed Moraditavasani
Faculty Supervisor: 
Behzad Kordi
Partner University: