The ParticipACTION App: Disability Content Development and Knowledge Translation

The objective of the proposed internship is to help support the launch of disability inclusive content for an app created by ParticipACTION, Canada’s leading non-profit physical activity organization. The goal of the content is to motivate inactive Canadians with a disability to sit less and move more, with the aim of achieving Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines. This will entail performing literature reviews to build a knowledge base on best practices for app design and PA content that is disability inclusive, and identifying appropriate strategies to deliver PA information to disability end-users through surveys and interviews. The organization will benefit from the intern’s presence as he will develop evidence-informed content for the app that is disability inclusive and will enhance innovative solutions to support ParticipACTION’s goal to help all Canadians sit less and move more.

Brock Reissner
Faculty Supervisor: 
Amy Latimer-Cheung
Partner University: