Participatory Cities Every One, Every Day: Toronto

This proposal details an approach for evaluating a planned project led by SII called Participatory Cities: a new inclusive, system-based approach to stimulating and supporting dense networks of practical ‘participation culture’ in cities around the world. With proof of concept developed and tested in London, UK, by the Participatory City Foundation, the model will now be implemented in Montreal and Halifax, as well as the community at the centre of this proposal, Regent Park in Toronto. Developmental evaluation of the kind proposed, shaped and iteratively applied through processes of co-production, is an ideal mechanism for fostering the learning needed to build connected and productive neighbourhoods in which people find novel ways to come together, share and support one another in this moment shaped by the coronavirus crisis to ultimately co-create their vision and action plan for a resilient future.

Bria Hamilton
Faculty Supervisor: 
Luisa Sotomayor
Partner University: