PATH: Program to Accelerate Technologies for Homecare

Most people would like to continue living in their own homes as they age. A new ecosystem is needed to enable home health technologies to be developed, tested and successfully commercialized. This will require a program that provides a low-cost way for developers to test their products before introduction to the market. Therefore, in our Program to Accelerate Technologies for Homecare (PATH), the intern will develop a novel versatile connection protocol that will connect different devices and sensors to a single hub. One of the benefits of this proposal is the ability for our industry partner SmartONE to integrate different devices through a single synchronized platform. The validated system will be installed in 4 different living labs and 350 real home units across Canada. The explosion of data from these devices presents a tremendous opportunity for the developers at SmartONE and PDF to develop their own algorithms and Application Program Interfaces.

Harman Kaur
Faculty Supervisor: 
Atena Roshan Fekr;Geoffrey Fernie
Partner University: