Peptide-based materials for rapid sutureless and scarless surgical repair

Every year in the United States alone, over 30 million surgical incisions are performed, and another 7 million wounds are causes by trauma. Most of those wounds will heal on their own, but nonetheless always lead to scarring no matter what kind of material is used to close the wound. There are a range of materials and techniques used to close wounds. All agree, however, that an ideal approach to wound closure should be easy to use, fast and painless, cost-effective and not create permanent scarring. Many advancements have significantly improved wound healing. However, all continue to have significant drawbacks either in how useable they are in surgery, or how well they promote healing, and all continue to leave scars. To this end, we have developed a new

German Andres Mercado Salazar;Sergio David García Schejtman
Faculty Supervisor: 
Emilio Alarcon
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