Perennial grains for fall grazing of beef cattle

Perennial grains, especially domesticated intermediate wheatgrass (IWG), are approaching commercialization as food crops. Due to the perennial nature of this crop i.e. multiple seed harvest (years) off of a single planting, grazing of post-harvest regrowth in the late fall would provide added value to beef producers, helping to sustain Canada’s beef industry. This project aims to evaluate the agronomic benefits of producing perennial grains, both on its own and in conjunction with a perennial legume, and the added benefits of grazing the post-harvest regrowth to both beef producer and grain producers. This project aligns with the objective of Manitoba Beef Producers to improve the competitiveness of beef producers in an economically and environmentally sustainable way and will provide valuable information that will be disseminated through a variety of technology transfer activities.

Patrick LeHeiget
Faculty Supervisor: 
Doug Cattani
Partner University: