Performance and success metrics and impact evaluation of Surrey Innovation Boulevard health tech cluster

Innovation hubs or clusters are widely viewed as powerful engines of economic growth. Looking specifically at biotech cluster, each cluster / innovation hub varies from one another due to their origin and industry,thus each individual cluster needs customized research methodologies and metrics to track their success and impact on the Canadian health, economy and people. To support the recent and rapidly growing novel medical technology market and position Canada as a global player, it is critical to understand the unmet needs and success factors, within such clusters. Surrey Innovation Boulevard (SIB), a new and growing health technology cluster, offers a rare opportunity to track and understand the growth of a cluster from its birth and compare it’s performance with other clusters around the world. This research will provide recommendations that could help SIB attract firms / funds from other parts of the world and grow entrepreneurial firms commercializing local innovations. Tracking and comparing the success and failures of each innovation hub and benefits reaped by those high-technology firms within these hubs would provide insight the factors needed for cluster growth.

Colin McLean
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Sarah Lubik
Project Year: 
British Columbia