Performance based design of sound wall foundation under freeze-thaw cycle effects

Presently, sound wall foundation design for steel piles is being governed by the effects of the freeze-thaw cycles. The deformations produced by the freeze-thaw cycles cause structural damage and can be seen as an important index to judge the stabilities of structures in cold regions. A very limited number of studies investigated pile design within the context of sound wall foundation, as the behavior of these foundation under the cumulative freeze-thaw deformations is yet to be characterized. Atlantic Industries Limited (AIL) is looking to improve the understanding on the effects of freeze-thaw deformations on the sound wall foundation and develop a performance-based design that deliver measurable outcomes. This will help in creating structures that are aesthetically pleasing and functional, as well as energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Omar Bolbol
Faculty Supervisor: 
Hesham El Naggar
Partner University: